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Children are naturally curious and excited about the world around them. By teaching children early to love and care for our planet and their natural environments, we will be fostering in them a lifelong passion for protecting our natural resources. We have a dream that children born today will never accept a plastic bag when shopping and know of their consequences. To achieve this dream, we need the help of parents, teachers and community members everywhere.

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featured on tv!

ConservingNow featured on TV!

We were filmed for the Las Vegas Channel 8 Morning News show in their Living Green segment with Sherry Swensk. The segment aired on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - for America Recycles Day! Gayle and Meghan had the opportunity to talk about ConservingNow's initiatives for reducing plastic bag consumption through our reminder products and educational resources.

Watch ConservingNow on Las Vegas Channel 8 Living Green segment!

our story

After watching shopper after shopper exclaim at the checkstand that they had forgotten their reusable bags - AGAIN! - it became clear to us that people needed a little help to change the habit and convenience of plastic bags. My mom and I have always believed that simple actions can have a huge impact. Never did this lesson seem more important – we were passionate about helping others create change in their own lives. Inspired by our idea of change, we have developed classroom lesson plans, provided information for getting involved, sold gorgeous reusable bags and reached out to create a community.

And what an amazing community it is:

With so much progress, and so much more to do... we hope you will join us!


ConservingNow is actively looking for partners and like-minded individuals/ groups to help spread the word. We are passionate about the opportunities that are created by dynamic partnerships! It is by working together that we can really make a difference!

We work with Organizations, Corporations, Municipalities, Schools, Bloggers, Media Outlets and Retail Stores in tailoring a program unique to your members, students, constituents, consumers and/or readers.

Partner with ConservingNow and help to make the world a better place for future generations.

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our community

One of the things I love about Conservingnow is the instant sense of community that you feel when you are on our site or our facebook page.  I love that often before I have a chance to answer a posted question or comment, a community member does.  It is so important as we have so much...

Kroger announces a 180% increase since 2007 in plastic bag recycling!  We are making a difference!  Sure we would like to see everyone stop using plastic bags all together - but hey, we are thrilled that if a consumer has to take a plastic bag, more and more they are recycling it!...

A community member recently forwarded us this article - with her statement that she was shocked not to see plastic bags mentioned in the article!  Its a great article and certainly, we will applaud any small steps towards a more sustainable business model - but it does seem interesting that...

Its always a sad day when a ban or, frankly, any measure to limit the use of plastic bags fails.  Its obvious consumers want limits (or credits for their reusable bag efforts) and its always surprising when industry and big business feel differently.  Its nice to read that cities are...

celebrities say...

For many years I have been anti-plastic bag - not only do I carry my own trendy re-usable bags, but I also annoy shoppers by showing them off and suggesting they also become... 'Bag-ist'! Organizations like are successfully and quite rightly making plastic bag users feel very naughty!
Clive Pearse, Host of HGTV hit shows Designed To Sell and HGTV Design Star