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About ConservingNow's Classroom Curriculum

The Effects of Plastic On Our World

Education plays a huge part in helping people understand the environmental and health costs we pay for the convenience of using plastic products. Our goal is for these lessons to influence our young people and their families to consider the environment when making simple daily choices.

Our comprehensive content gives teachers a rich, concise background of information about plastic and its impact on the environment and human health. Our curriculum is a valuable one-stop resource designed to save lesson preparation time.

Comprehensive Teaching Curriculum:

  • 6 Grade-specific Study Units and Activities (Pre-K through High School)
    • History and Overview: Introduction to Our Plastic Problem
    • Single-Use Disposable Plastic Products
    • Waste, Landfills and Recycling
    • Plastic In Our Oceans
    • Plastics and Human Health
    • Take Action! Be Waste-Free and Toxic-Free
  • Extensive Teacher/Parent Content
  • Eco-awareness Day Materials
  • Discussion Guides
  • Impact of Plastic Pollution Presentation
  • Earth Day Presentation
  • “Earth Protector” student certificates (recommended for K – 6)
  • Certificate of Completion (recommended for 7 – 12)
  • Recommended Environment Book List by Grade Level
  • Digital file format making the curriculum more eco-friendly!*
  • Family Involvement Materials including:
    • Letter To Parents explaining the purpose of the study unit
    • Household Survey
    • Family Bag Calendar

Impact of Plastic Pollution presentation

Earth Day presentation

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