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Our Mission

At ConservingNow.com we are inspired to BE the change we want to SEE. We work everyday to provide individuals, communities and families with the resources they need to create simple, but meaningful changes for the planet in their own lives.

In order to BE the change, we know that we have to educate the next generation. They are the change we want to SEE. We want to them to become the first generation that says no to plastic convenience products.

To SEE that change, we sell gorgeous, designer reusable bags to have the funds to provide every classroom in America with a classroom education kit. Your support by buying bags allows you to BE the change too.

Together, we are making a difference. Thank you.


Gayle & Meghan

Meghan is a lawyer who believes that lasting change requires simple actions and community change. She is deeply committed to environmental living and blogs about new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in her everyday life. She was inspired by cities and countries in their quests to rid their environments of toxic plastic bags and wanted to be a part of that incredible movement. As a new mom, Meghan is working to bring her passion for the environment to the next generation.

Gayle began her career as a first grade teacher who believes that early education creates positive lifelong habits. She was widely recognized for her innovative teaching style as one of the first educators to utilize computers in the classroom to teach reading. She soon became a statewide leader instructing other educators on how to teach students of all ages to read by composing and creating daily personal journals and storybooks on the computer. Gayle was eventually recruited by a leading computer company and spent the next 15 years creating and building successful internet technology companies. Building on her success as a veteran Silicon Valley technology executive, Gayle frequently speaks on the topic of social media and online community building. As a former educator and CEO, Gayle understands the challenges business and community leaders, teachers and parents face in creating positive and sustainable, long-term changes.


ConservingNow is actively looking for partners and like-minded individuals/groups to help spread the word and create a better world for today and tomorrow.

Benefits of a close strategic partnership with ConservingNow are significant:

  • Car window static cling reminders will promote the use of reusable bags.
  • Enhance your brand with a strong social responsibility and eco-friendliness image.
  • Receive positive, regular exposure to our large, growing community.
  • A direct link to an extensive collection of educational programs and resources.
  • CN promotes you among our extensive network of Mommy and Eco bloggers.
  • Your efforts featured in our Facebook conversations and blog posts.

Partnership opportunities are available for the following groups and organizations. Click on the links to visit our Partnership page.

Contact Us

This contact form is the best method for reaching us by email. We generally respond to emails we receive within 4 - 8 hours. If you have an existing order, please make sure to include your order number.

You can also write to us at:


59 Damonte Ranch Parkway, No. B149

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Or call us at:

(888) 482-8018 extension 101