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Tokyo – Beauty in Blue

Posted: 2015-07-28

Blue is a color we love! Simple, effortless and so cool. We also love that it reminds us of the sea. Tranquil and perfect. Shop Tokyo bags and be transformed into a state of effortless beauty.

Paleo – Simple, Gorgeous Style

Posted: 2015-07-28

Love a Paleo diet? How about a Paleo bag? Hip, trendy and totally on point for today’s culture! Shop with these bags and steady yourself for all the compliments! Paleo? Pal-e-yes!

Hawaii is the First State to Ban Plastic Bags!

Posted: 2015-07-09

There are incredible strides being made everyday as more and more people realize the harm plastic bags are creating for our environment. We are so excited to see these changes! Hawaii is a great first state given the beauty of the landscape and the close ties to ocean life. We applaud Hawaii, her citizens and […]

Packing with LOQI Zip Pouches!

Posted: 2015-04-01

Need ideas for packing with LOQI Zip Pouches? We love them! We use them for everything in our suitcases. If you are currently using a plastic bag for anything in your suitcase, now is the time to switch! Water resistant – they will keep accidentally spilled lotions away from your clothes. You can organize by […]

Sacramento Bee writes a great editorial about California’s Bag Ban

Posted: 2015-02-26

Obviously, we care a lot about bag bans! They are so important and their effects reach into so many areas of our lives. The Sacramento Bee recognizes this as well and has published an editorial on the state of the referendum. You can read it here: This is a really important time for bag ban […]

California’s Plastic Bag Ban is headed to a statewide vote in 2016

Posted: 2015-02-25

California’s groundbreaking plastic bag ban is now suspended pending a vote by the people on the 2016 ballot. That means we have over a year to fight this referendum and make sure ourselves, our friends and our families are all ready to vote against the referendum and in favor of permanently banning plastic bags in […]

Are you ready to start the new year?

Posted: 2015-01-08

We have been so busy at work in our homes clearing out the clutter! Its been my goal for the new year to clear out all of the unwanted/unused items for a fresh start! What about you? It seems so many times in our lives we end up with so many items that we thought […]

Getting ready to wrap?

Posted: 2014-12-18

In addition to being gorgeous and sturdy reusable bags – Envirosax and Loqi make great wrapping paper! Using a reusable bag for wrapping paper is win-win – for your gift and the planet! Its like two gifts in one!

December will be a month to remember!

Posted: 2014-12-09

  My mom and I are so excited to have your support! We are sending out so many orders, every day! In addition to an incredible amount of money being raised for classroom education kits (100% of our profits fund our classroom education kits), we are loving that our fans and supporters are using so […]