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EnviroGrants for Teachers Project Ideas

Environmental Study Unit: The Effects of Plastic on Our World

Our curriculum makes it easy to teach environmental awareness in an informative, practical way. Lessons focus on the importance of using reusable products to reduce our dependence on disposable plastic products. Activities are available for all ages, and resources are included to help students and their families get started in their commitment to reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Sample Ideas to Inspire You

Below are examples of projects that would qualify for the grant. We invite your creativity and welcome original ideas!


  1. Recycling Programs
    Expand the program beyond your classroom to include the entire school, student families or your local community.
  2. Water Conservation
    Create or purchase a rain barrel for catching rainwater to be used for your school’s landscape or garden watering.
  3. Locally Sourced Produce
    Teach sustainability by creating or enhancing a vegetable garden for students to eat at school.
  4. Go Reusable
    Purchase reusable cups, plates and utensils to replace disposable paper or plastic products used by your students at school.
  5. Tree Planting
    Plant trees to shad playground areas or buildings to reduce heat islands and cooling costs.
  6. Decorate Reusable Cotton Bags
    Purchase plain cotton bags for your students to decorate with environmentally themed designs. These bags will remind parents to bring their own bags when shopping.
  7. Visit your local recycling plant
    Students can learn firsthand how recycling works.
  8. Plastic Bag Collection Campaign
    Purchase materials to decorate containers and create posters for a school-wide plastic bag collection campaign.
  9. Sustainable Family Handbook
    Purchase materials to have students create a “use this” instead of “this” handbook for their family.
  10. Study Sea Life
    Use grant funds to toward a field trip to a local aquarium or other location where they can study sea life.
  11. Purchase Environmental Books
    Create a classroom library of environmental reading materials. See bibliography appendix in our study guide for ideas.
  12. Waste Free Lunch Challenge
    Use funds to purchase prizes such as BPA-free water bottles, reusable bento boxes and lunch systems, etc.
  13. Photojournalism Project
    Have students create a photojournalism book about the impact of plastic on the environment. Use funds to purchase a published version on Shutterfly or other service and distribute copies to your students.
  14. PSA Posters
    Create posters and have them enlarged at a local print shop. Take the posters to local stores to be displayed.
  15. Composting Project
    Use the grant to purchase a composting bin and materials for a classroom composting project.
  16. Be creative!
    We welcome your ideas.

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