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Classroom Education Kits

Education plays a huge part in helping people understand the environmental and health costs we pay for the convenience of using plastic products. Our education kit is over 60 pages, with study units and activities for Pre-school / K-12 students. Buy an education kit directly or make a donation to go towards education kits for schools. You can also add your class or a deserving teacher to our sponsorship list.

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*You can also donate a kit to a school of your choice

Resources For You


  • Guide to host an eco-awareness day
  • Lesson plans to teach kids about conservation
  • Downloadable curriculum for all grades
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  • Activity guides for all ages
  • Book recommendations for kids and parents
  • Downloadable curriculum for families
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  • Free teaching resources
  • Guide to host an eco-awareness day
  • Downloadable curriculum for schools
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100% of the profits from product sales goes towards funding classroom kits for schools.

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