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How You Can Help ConservingNow

Tell Other People

Let others know your purchase from ConservingNow supported environmental education and their reusable bag purchase can too.


  1. Family
    Conservation begins at home.
  2. Friends
    They will want to help too.
  3. Community
    At the store, community events and any other group setting.
  4. Co-workers
    If you’re carrying one of our reusable bags to work they are likely to notice and want to know where you bought it.

Inform Your Local Schools

Teachers and principals can take advantage of our educational resources. They need to know about ConservingNow.


  1. EnviroGrants for Teachers
    Our latest educational initiative provides teachers with $100 grants for funding of a classroom project that will educate students on being more earth-friendly and sustainable living. Learn more here.
  2. Free Learning Resources
    Comprehensive classroom curriculum, recommended books and more are available from our Get Involved page.
  3. Partnering
    ConservingNow is available to help schools with a variety of educational initiatives. Schools can contact us via our Partnerships page.

Business Outreach

Places you shop, business owners you know and your employer can benefit from partnering with ConservingNow.


  1. Green Initiatives
    Many businesses have sustainability goals. We can help with ideas and resources.
  2. Sponsorship
    Our EnviroGrants for Teachers initiative gives businesses a perfect sponsorship opportunity that supports education and environmental awareness.

Media, Government and Groups

Opportunities to make a real difference are everywhere.


  1. Media
    If you know a blogger, news outlet, eco organization or anyone with a large following, suggest they visit our site. Encourage them to get involved by letting their following know about ConservingNow.
  2. Local Government
    Contact your local politicians to let them know about ConservingNow. Our blog and Facebook page are good places to learn about what other cities/states are doing about plastic bags. They can visit our Partnerships page to contact us about creating a partnership with your city.
  3. Member Groups
    Plastic bag bans are being enacted around the world. Many began with small groups of individuals like you. If you belong to a group or want to start one, ConservingNow can help. Visit our Partnerships page and use the Member Group contact form to reach out to us.

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