Loqi Urban 2 Collection Reusable Bags

Loqi Urban 2 Collection


Loqi Urban 2 Collection Reusable Bags
Loqi Urban Reusable Bag San Francisco
Loqi Urban 2 Collection Tokyo Reusable Bag
Loqi Urban 2 Collection Moscow Reusable Bag
Loqi Urban Reusable Bag New York


Central Park. Pacific Heights. Roppongi. Be transported without traveling. Perfect your staycation with the URBAN 2 collection.

Each bag weighs 1.9 oz.
Each bag can carry 44 lbs and is fully machine washable (will not fade).

Bag size 20” x 16.5”.
Pocket size 4.5” x 4.5”.
Handle size 11”.

The bags are water resistant and are made of polyester. Each bag is also OEKO-TEX certified.

Conveniently store LOQI reusable shopping bags in three different ways: 1. Fold and tuck into the included zipped pouch, 2. roll and secure with the snap strap, or 3. stuff into the inside pocket. A great replacement for plastic bags. Each reusable bag comes with a zipped pouch for easy storage and an inner pocket for carrying your keys, wallet and phone.

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