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Simple Actions for Real Change

You can do this! We all can. On these pages you will find simple tips and tricks to live greener. Some are so easy, you won’t even notice the change – but the planet will!

Simple Act of Recycling Brings Real Changes

A Few Ideas

  1. Stop Junk Mail
    Every year the average adult receives more than 40 pounds of junk mail. There are services that you can register for that will stop unwanted junk mail or catalogs, such as
  2. Snip Six-Pack Rings.
    These are deadly to sea creatures and other animals. For an even better choice – buy beverages in bulk without six-pack rings.
  3. Lower The Temperature.
    Reduce your hot water heater setting to 120 degrees fahrenheit. Go further by lowering your heating setting in winter and increasing your air conditioning setting in the summer.
  4. Use Latex-based Paints.
    Avoid oil-based paint and properly dispose of used paint. Improperly disposed paint often ends up in creeks, streams, rivers and bays.
  5. Choose Reusable Products.
    Using reusable bags, cups and bottles are an easy way to start.
  6. Bring Waste-free Lunches.
    Carry your beverage in a reusable container and avoid plastic utensils. Go further by avoiding packaged foods in plastic bags and on disposable trays.
  7. Give Upcycling A Try!
    Rather than throw away items, do some research to get ideas for refashioning it into something useful again.
  8. Practice Composting.
    Many resources are available to help you get started. Composting can be a great family learning opportunity.
  9. Choose Waste-free Packaging.
    Consider buying items in bulk. Whenever you can, purchase items that have reduced plastic packaging.
  10. Say “No, Thanks” To Plastic Utensils.
    When ordering take-out food, be sure to let them know you do not need plastic utensils with your order.
  11. Pay Attention To Daily Habits.
    Look for ways to reduce daily dependence on single-use disposable plastic products.
  12. Spread The Word.
    Encourage friends and family, and share these tips and your own on social media. Let us know ideas you find or come up with on our Facebook page and blog.

You Can Help

Your simple actions can make a huge difference.

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