From our friends at Californians Against Waste:

California is in a battle to stop a dangerous and deceptive effort by out-of-state plastic companies to overturn our plastic bag ban, and we need your help.

This is about more than just banning plastic shopping bags, ours is a campaign to stop moneyed interests from challenging California’s environmental leadership.

With your support, California has passed more than 140 local ordinances banning plastic bags, and in 2014 Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 270 into law extending the ban statewide.

In the last 12 months, four out-of-state plastic manufacturers have spent in excess of $4 million to buy their way on to the November 2016 ballot and block implementation of the state law. Now it will be up to voters.

Big Plastic is expected to spend $25-40 million to overturn the law and continue to sell billions of plastic bags into California. Their effort isn’t just about overturning sound environmental policy to protect marine life. It’s what the Sacramento Bee last week editorialized as “bad democracy.” We need your support to stop them.

While we can’t match the plastics industry dollar-for-dollar, we have developed a grass-roots campaign plan that builds on our strengths and relies on community by community, peer-to-peer messaging to extend our current support and inoculate voters from the inevitable deceptive advertising campaign that will be unleashed by the plastics industry this summer

As you may have seen, a new report this week indicates that there may be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050 unless we can start to seriously reduce plastic waste.

The California vote in November is our chance to put an immediate stop to the distribution of more than 10 billion plastic bags annually. But more than that, our success at the ballot will send a signal across the country and globe: the public supports the elimination of unnecessary and polluting plastic garbage.

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