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Tips To Reduce Plastic Bag Use

The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store. Reducing your use of plastic bags is a simple action with huge impact.

Reduce plastic bag use

A Few Ideas

  1. Educate yourself on the impact plastic bags have on our world.
    One of the first steps to finding a solution is understanding the problem. Plastic bag use is a huge problem worldwide that is causing real problems right now. Learn some facts about plastic bag consumption on our Plastic Bag Consumption Facts page and find out the real world impacts plastic bags have on all of us with some Plastic Bag Environmental Impact Facts.
  2. Start using your own reusable bags.
    They are stylish and earth friendly! If you don’t have one or you need more, check out our store for reusable bags that match your lifestyle and daily needs. ConservingNow has the lowest prices on the web for Envirosax reusable bags. 100% of our profits goes toward environmental education.
  3. Have plastic bags at home? Reuse or recycle them.
    You can use them as garbage bag liners, take them to your local park or dog park and donate them, return them to your grocery store for recycling, and be creative and think of new ways – be sure to share your new tips in our blog.
  4. Find and shop at stores that offer a cash credit for bringing your own bags.
    With new plastic bag bans getting passed everyday, more and more stores are offering cash credits for bringing your own bag. Be sure to ask next time you’re checking out if your reusable bags can get you a discount.
  5. Count how many plastic bags are brought into your household during one week.
    When we see the waste for ourselves and know how using reusable bags can make a difference in just one household, we can feel good about the impact we’re making. Visit our Get Involved page for more tips and information to make the choice as a family to reduce plastic bag consumption.
  6. Spread the word by refusing to accept plastic bags from cashiers and store owners.
    It only takes a second to refuse a plastic bag, and to politely remind the cashier (and anyone else in line) that plastic bags are bad for the environment.
  7. Consider bringing your own produce bags in addition to your shopping bags.
    Go further with other types of reusable containers such as water bottles, take out containers and any others to help reduce single-use disposable plastics.
  8. Be creative!
    And share your tips on our Facebook page and blog.

You Can Help

Your simple actions can make a huge difference.

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